Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Trial Run

In 2004, graphic designer and animator Ray Keim created Haunted Dimensions--a website tribute to Disney's Haunted Mansions and all things
generally spooky. What has most distinguished Ray's website from other tribute sites is his creation of numerous paper model kits available free to download and construct.

Though the models are intended to be printed and cut out for assembly, I thought it might be interesting to simulate that process digitally--essentially creating pieces of mesh based on the shape of the graphics and then assembling them (mostly) according to the original instructions.

It makes for a great exercise in modeling at the sub-object level.

The initial idea was actually to do this with Ray's model kit for the Liberty Square Haunted Mansion, but I thought I'd start a little smaller and see what I might be getting myself into. So I started with one of the less complex models--the Liberty Square entrance pillar.

Anyone with an affinity for The Haunted Mansion, modeling, or both should visit Haunted Dimensions and browse through all of the galleries and look at the model kits.

Ray is also a seasonal designer with Universal Studios Orlando and works on the design team for the annual Halloween Horror Nights event. Check out his blog (The Mansion Observer) for more on his work at Universal.

This model of the entrance pillar was created and rendered in 3DS Max.

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