Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Museum of the Weird

Among the many early show concepts for Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction was an idea hatched by WED designer Rolly Crump dubbed Museum of the Weird.

Mr. Crump envisioned a parlor area filled with a fantastic menagerie of exotic and unusual artifacts as well as a cast of character props including a talking chair, a melting candle man and even a full-sized gypsy cart which would suddenly come to life every few minutes.

Though somewhat ridiculed at the time by his peers who told him his ideas were too far off the map, Mr. Crump's
Museum concept got through to Walt Disney who planned on using it as a "spill" area for guests entering and exiting the Mansion.

Unfortunately, the idea was dropped when the decision was made for the Mansion to be a ride-through attraction. Neverhteless, Rolly Crump's idea, in the form of his drawings and scale models, lives on in the history and mythos of
The Haunted Mansion.

This visulalization was created using SketchUp Pro 6.0, 3DS Max 9 and Poser 6. The images were rendered using Mental Ray and post was done in Photoshop CS2.

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